Turn on a computer, log in automatically and then start a process?

Hello, I have a robot with a process. I’ve made it unattended and scheduled it. Then I logged off, then my scheduled process started in a minute. However, in a background. I thought It will automatically log in again and then start a process. I need an unattended version which logs in automatically, or even turn on a computer to make a process.

in addition: this error occurs “Click: Desktop has been disconnected while performing UI actions.”

Hi zabdi, welcome to the forum!

Check out this post (and the whole thread) about background automation:

With community edition it is a bit tricky to do, because the robot service is only installed for particular users. This means that realistically the easiest to achieve background automation with community edition would be by having a remote machine that you log into, but then disconnect from. Orchestrator will be able to connect to that active session and run your process unattended (=in the background).

Cheers, Lukas