Turn off informative screenshots

Is it possible to turn off informative screenshots? (The little pictures that appear on the activities when you identify somthing in an application). We do not want to keep these, and it is difficult to remember to always delete them.

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You can remove informative screenshot in all the activities but not sure if we can do that automatically @Stefan1


Hi @Stefan1

you mean turn off that option, I guess for most of us are very helpfull I suggest to write a script, it’s really easy and you can run it.

If this is done by secuirty purposess I think it’s a best practice not to forget this type of things,
you can create a task in trello or in your process checklist.


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We won’t be able to avoid getting images while automating with the process along the sequence but can be removed or erased,…
If the screenshot folder in your project folder is removed or deleted those images won’t appear along the activities
As simple as it is

Hope this would help you
Cheers @Stefan1


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