Turn off autosaved

Hi everyone,

I’m looking to turn off the autosaved or at least increase the timer between autosaved because I got a big workflow and the autosaved just freeze my computer, thanks in advance !

Could you please eloborate what activity you do not want to get auto saved.

Also, if you want to avoid having huge workflows just design a framework and break the flow such that smaller workflows are called in main.xaml.
Example: Robotic Enterprise Framework

I got two big flowcharts that i didnt want to autosaved cause there are to heavy

Sorry but its not my workflow I’m in charge of maintenance, thanks for your answer

I know this is an old post, but was wondering if there is a solution to the Auto Save issue. I want to turn it off completely. Anyone know if there is a setting to do this?

I believe that if you open “C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath\Studio\UiStudio.exe.config” and edit the value of “AutoSaveInterval” you can change it and most probably switch it off by setting it to “0”…
I have not tried it though… Hope it helps.

<setting name="AutoSaveInterval" serializeAs="String">

The setting listed above no longer exists.

I have the same issue of a large XAML file and Studio freezes for 5-30 seconds each time i add an activity, change a property, or sometimes just by entering a new section of code.

It also crashed 7 times today alone. i am surprised at how small it really is. the XAML in a text editor is only 26,000 lines and is 2.5MB in size. i have written powershell scripts that are 10,000 lines and it dot sources other powershell scripts so i can make it smaller.

Hi @josh.haggin

I believe this is what you are looking for:

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That setting does not exist in 2018.4.4 enterprise edition. i guess i will have to wait as i am guessing that is a newer community build you have.

Indeed, it’s a new feature (I believe from 2019.4). We did just release the Enterprise 2019.4 yesterday though, so depending on your situation you could go for it.

Otherwise, please do contact our technical support. They should know best what to do here (it might be that it is still possible to configure this value somewhere else).