Trying to use argument in another workflow, unable to import

I have an In/Out argument string which is working fine within the main workflow (“X”) but I am unable to import it into another workflow (“Y”) within the same project. Workflow Y has actions which are trying to call the argument, but it doesn’t show when clicking ‘Import Arguments’ on the Invoke Workflow action in workflow X, and the number of arguments isn’t in orange which would suggest that there is an argument missing.

Maybe I’m missing something obvious, but I don’t understand why this argument isn’t available to the Workflow Y. I have other In/Out arguments being passed to various other workflows that are all working successfully, and previously this faulty argument also worked - I don’t know why it suddenly broke.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

arguments in X workflow wont get reflected when IMPORT argument option is chosen in Y workflow…
we need to create separate set of arguments inside the workflow Y that we have invoked
only then we will be able to see those arguments when IMPORT ARGUMENT is pressed in the Y invoke workflow

if possible can i have a screeenshot of those arguments defined in both workflow in arguments panel and also the screenshot of IMPORT ARGUMENTS in those two workflows

Cheers @Steven_Bruce

Hi @Palaniyappan - I’ve tried that, but it’s being passed as null. I have a step in workflow X to Write Line the argument, which works, and I have added the first step in workflow Y to also be Write Line, which is null.

Workflow X

Workflow Y

Import Arguments panel

Argument becomes null when passed to workflow Y

Many thanks!

while invoking workfow Y we need to create some variables and place them in VALUE fielld of import arguments option

so now the values of those arguments will be passed from arguments to those variables we have mentionin the value field
–then use that variable as input value in value field of X workflow
so that those variables with its value will be passed to workflow X

Cheers @Steven_Bruce

@Palaniyappan Perfect - I understand now. Many thanks!

Cheers @Steven_Bruce

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