Trying to retrieve data from data row by using writeline, but giving some error. I am unable to find the error. can anyone help me plz

Uiath%20randomfilerandomfile.xaml (6.9 KB)

Two things that you need to do :

  1. When using For Each activity, you need to choose what Type of item are you looping through.
    Example, if it is a list of string, then you need to choose type as String. In your chase it is a list of DataRows, so choose Type as Data Row

  1. Data row is similar to a row in excel. You cannot convert the entire row to print as string.
    Rather you can convert a cell value as a string and print it. You can use row.Item("colName").ToString to print the content of a specific “ColName” on the given data row

Hope this helps

hi @kathyayani,

instead of for each - use For Each Row
and in body you can read the values.

Thankyou Kaderms, will try this now.

Thankyou Venkat, will try now.

Thankyou Kaderms,its working now. I changed type of argument to datarow.

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Perfect! Mark this as a solution :slight_smile:

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