Trying to read text from pdf getting an error avl page view

Hi everyone,

i have a pdf i am trying to extract some specific word from the pdf and i stored in some variable and then i am trying to see that value through message box but i am not getting the value instead i am getting avl page view all the time.


try to use anchor base activity as in the pic to get text from pdf


attach the element that is static which is near to the text that u wat to get and in get text element specify the text u need to get

In anchor base activity correctly select the anchor position to get the correct data


I am using anchor to read data from pdf but i get this as a output.Its not showing the correct value as output.

Hi Shahista,

try to use record with Citrix you will be able to get the data

Hi aamir,

I have used citrix recording and its working quite fine but its not taking the values in this format- 238.2 INR.
When i am updating the selector like this-
<ctrl name= ‘*’ role=‘text’/>
It prints the column name as output instead of the value 238.2 INR.

This video link will help you.