Trying to read cels from sheet and write in another sheet while transposing values

First I get the Workbook Sheet name stored in a string variable SheetName

Then I create two variables to get the source sheet cell… SColCount and SRowCount.
I also create two variables for the destination sheet cell… DColCount and DRowCount.

I assign 1 to both those variables.

Now I need to read the cell A1 in Sheetname. How can I transform SColCount and SRowCount (both 1) to A1?
Content goes to variable CelTransfer

Now I need to write CelTransfer at cell A1 of sheet DESTINATION. Again, I will need to write to cell DColCount DRowCount, and it should be A1. How can I do that?

After writing reading and writing first cell, source cell (to be read) must go down while destination cell must go right.

So SRow = SRow+1 and DCol=DCol+1

And repeat.

What I am stuck is at using two variables that are integers to become a cell address.

I tried this formula which I found at another thread, but I got an error message

“compiler error found while processing the formula
Option Strict On does not allow implicit conversions of string into double”??

Any idea why the formula is giving me an error?

Sorry i wasn’t able to get the question buddy, can you come again with what you would like to resolve…? hope you don’t mistake buddy @Rogerio_Penna


Well, let me try to simplify the question to the maximum.

An Excel cell is composed of a letter (column) and a number (row). I will assign a variable to control letter and another to control number, so I can change the variables and get any cell I want.

So… questions:

  1. How do I deal with the LETTER part of the cel address? I use an INT32 and the number gets automatically converted to a letter when inserting the var into some Excel activity??

  2. How to tell UiPath a cell address based on two different variables (one for column and other for row?

For example… let’s say I need to read a specific cell in Excel. B4. But with every loop of the UI Path programming, both column and row should increase…

Read B4
Read C5
Read D6
… etc