Trying to pull Invoices, Sales Orders and PO's off of SAP 750

I am very new to SAP and I have been hired as a temp to help integrate 2 systems. What they are having me do is to go into SAP 750 and open each individual Invoice, PO and Sales Order, print them, scan them as a PDF to my scan folder, rename them and then move them onto their X Drive. Is there a quicker way to do this??? They are saying that once the switch gets flipped on August 1st, they will not have access to anything on their SAP 750 as far as documents go. Please help if you can. This is much too slow of a process for as quick as they want it done. Thank you in advance!!!

Hi @sandwalkin2 m

This can be Automated, you need to following steps:

1 - Open SAP (Open browser activity)
2- Navigate to the place where want to download pdf (through click activities)
3- Save pdf (Using clicks to export pdf and type into activity to give file path)
4 - Open Saved Pdf (From Open application activity)
5 - Give command for Print (Using Hotkey ctrl+p)
6- Move to folder (Using Move file activity)
7- Go back to same window to download next pdf.

Hope these steps will help you to achieve this task.
Let me know for more help.

They have been telling me that with this version of SAP, it is not possible to create PDF’s. Is there anyway you can do screen shots of each step so I can follow them? Like I said, I am VERY new to SAP, as in I have NEVER worked in SAP before now and had never even heard of it. Thanks so much!!!

I understand but i don’t have access to SAP.
The SAP is quite easy as all the elements are easy to inspect only you to enable scripting on client and server side.

As this is totally a Ui based automation so it’s hard for me to provide you end to end steps or skeleton of it.
If you have done web or windows automation in past then it is similar to that.

Ok. I have not done this before. I will try to figure it out. Thanks for your help.

If anyone else has access to SAP and can do step by step screen shots for me, that would be AMAZING!!!

Sure, let me check if someone can help you.

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