Trying to prepare insight reports on Robot Log Messages in orchestrator

Hello All,

1.Every day we are uploading some files.
2.Each file have different pages also.
3.we are maintaining some logs
For example: These is the information we are maintaining, when uploading each file in my application as
Total page count of 06-05-2022 Receipt Notice 05.06.2022.pdf is 6 pages
Total page count of 06-05-2022 Receipt Notice1 05.06.2022.pdf is 10 pages

So my client ask me to prepare the dashboard in insights about many files are uploaded every day and maintain how many pages are in the files…
2.How many files are Splitted successfully
3. How many failed to split each page.

Can someone help me on these

With the details you’ve provided - I think you can try to add more informative logging to your process.

For example, every time your job is successful (i.e. file has been uploaded successfully - you can have a log message specifically saying - ‘File uploaded successfully’. By using the no. of processes ran and also filtering the ‘Message’ dimension under Robot Logs to look for ‘File uploaded successfully’ you will be able to identify the no. of successful jobs. ( I am assuming that in each job you are uploading one file, if it’s a queue based transaction - just filter based on the no. of successful queue items + specific message)

Likewise, you can try a similar approach for failed cases as well with a specific log message.

Another option will be to use Custom Variables which can help you to pre-define fields for ingestion and make them available for Insights.