Trying to pass my certification

Hello and thanks for helping. One of the certification questions states…

"What key combination allows you to automatically create a variable from an activity’s property field?

Ctrl + A
Ctrl + V
Ctrl + N
Ctrl + P"

In my experience the answer should be Ctrl + K, but that is not an option. I’ve been leaving it blank, but I keep failing the test and I think this is one of the reasons why. I checked the hot key section of the user guide and all of these options are taken by something besides variables.

Is this an error in the test?


@Roxana_Stratila will help you on this.

@aaronadams3 This is an error in the test. The correct answer is “Ctrl+K” as you mentioned it. Only thing that i can suggest for the time being is to ensure the other answers are right for you. This is what even i did.

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Thanks Gourav for the feedback. I’ve modified this just now.

@Roxana_Stratila Thank you Roxana

Thank you Gourav and Roxana. I will try again. The larger problem I’m having is that the questions on these tests are not covered in the lessons. They are just plain not covered. So I go looking in the User Guide, but I don’t find the answers there either. Where should I be looking in your documentation? I can give you an example…

  1. If the dtNewHires datatable has 4 columns, in this order : [ID, Name, Age, Sex] and 2 rows: [1, Daniel, 38, M] ; [2, Andra, 24, F], what is the result of the expression dtNewHires.Rows(0)(1)?
    A) 1
    B) Andra
    C) 2
    D) Daniel


Hi Aaron,

While giving straight answers is against the rules (and unethical IMHO), a pointer here is definitely necessary since I also believe this is not covered in the materials.

The indexes in the brackets refer to default properties.
Rows in this example is a DataRowCollection. It’s default property is the Item(int rowIndex), which returns a single DataRow.
For DataRow, default property is Item(int columnIndex), which returns a value from a specified column within that row.

With that info it should be much easier to decipher. Just think of .Rows(x)(y) the way you’d specify an R1C1 address for excel.

Good luck!

With the above discussion in mind…
first thing that comes to my mind is was the test reviewed???

Thanks Andrzej. I’m just wondering where to learn this type of information…if it is in .Net documentation, or where.

Pavansharma, a review of tests vs. lesson materials would be the best result. I know the certification is a new program, so there’s bound to be adjustments. Overall, I’m very happy with the effort.

@aaronadams3 agreed…its a new program… even i m happy with overall experience

Yup, it’s there, although sometimes it may be hard to find - some googling might be required.
Good sources are MSDN (obviously), DotNetPerls, SO (and similar).
Sometimes it helps to add C# to the search, as the differences between C# and VB.Net are usually very minor and it gets rid of all Java, JS etc. results.