Trying to pass a comma separated string of numbers from an asset to an SQL query where clause using the In operator

Hello, I have an Asset with the following example text 123,142,153
I am retrieving this asset in my Studio RPA process and trying to pass this
to an SQL query within an ExecuteQuery activity.
I have tried this with both a parameter (both ? and @) and passing the variable name I assign to the asset.
Example SQL

Select example_field
From table xyz
where example_field In (?)


Select example_field
From table xyz
where example_field In +ExampleVariable+

In both instances the query runs but it returns zero values, which is incorrect.
It is looking at the Asset data as one long string and does not recognize the comma’s as separators.

I cannot pass the entire SQL command as an asset as I have another dynamic date variable that needs to be added.

Most of what I have seen so far as solutions refer to the attempts I have above.
Does anyone have a possible work around for this?

Apologies, I meant to post this on the Studio Help category and it would appear as though I chose StudioX.