Trying to get the sum of currency values in an excel column. Guide me!

trying to get the sum of currency values in a excel column but unable to do so.

Can anyone help??

Currency is ZAR column layout image is given below. Need to do the sum of the whole column!

Thanx in advance.

Hi @AryanSingh

Check this

dtFileter.AsEnumerable.Sum(Function(x) Convert.ToDouble(x(“Zar”).ToString.Split(" ".TocharArray)(1).Trim) )

wait let me share the excel file with u!


Please guide me with this!

Please check this excel sheet.
I want to sum column “T” name BaseOutstanding. There are sum null value cells also. Please check the excel sheet!
TIBS_Daily Transaction Data_02 August.xlsx (18.1 KB)



Please check the excel. And help me with the sum of the column

Thank You