Trying to get another user to edit my automation

I’m trying to do the following. Publish out an attended activity I wrote, which an admin can use to kick off a backup of a D365 environment using the web browser. On my machine it works fine, so I published it out to a folder on one of our tenants and it shows up on his Assistant. However, when he runs it, it fails as he sees a different number of tiles visible on the screen in a different order and it says it can’t find the GUI element despite it having various anchors set etc.

What I’m currently trying to do is edit the same published package on his VDI remotely so that I can correct it running as him in Studio. I couldn’t find a way of him editing the package which is published to Orchestrator so I copied my local project files, zipped them and sent them to him. In Studio his version seems to do what I want it to do, so I try and publish it to his assistant via Orchestrator but it keeps failing with the following error. Note I only get the option of publishing it to the shared feed, not to his personal feed:

It looks like a locking issue even though I’ve closed down studio at my end. Also, is this the way I should be approaching this (it seems hacky), is there a better approach to him editing the same automation like in Power Automate where you just share the flow to another owner other than recreating it from scratch?


When you publish the package in the second pge of the publish you will see include source option…if you check that then we can download the package and change the extension to .zip and can find the pckages in it

Also…we can use source controls like git to share the code


So I do already have the Include Sources always ticked on the Publish dialogue, but he’s still getting the error above when he’s trying to publish the process up to Orchestrator.

Additionally, the user account has Administrator, Allow to be automation user allow to be folder administrator at tenant level and at the folder level, he has Automation user, Robot and Folder Administrator.


He should be automation developer I believe…

Is he able to uplod other processes?

Ideally this ai not an expected error

Please check this


The user account is an automation developer already with the appropriate license assigned. I can check if he can upload other processes when I next meet and screenshare, but the error here seems to suggest that it is locked. When he got the message, I also couldn’t publish it up.


Are you trying to publish the same version again?

Please recheck and try changing version number to confirm

As mentioned ideally that should not be an issue unless you dont have access to publish…


That could be it, I assumed it would auto increment it. For the help document you sent it isn’t obvious how you get to the screens in steps 3 and 4 to be able to check the settings (I’m new to UiPath)