Trying to enter value in the particular cells and updating the formula in a column

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I am trying to add columns in an excel at a particular(dynamic) position. Then want to update the formula in the column. Please check the screenshot below for better understanding.


As you can see that the data is according to the month, so for new column need to be inserted and the formula in the Total Column should be updated after the column insertion.

**Test2.xlsx (10.3 KB) **
Please guide me. Regarding this

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Here’s what I do when I create new columns hopefully this helps.

  1. Use an Excel Application Scope
  2. Use a select range on an entire column. (For example select range “B:B” would select all of column B).
  3. Send hotkey: Crtl and + (this is an excel hotkey for add a new column or row)

If you add your new column in front of your totals it is highly likely the formula will update automatically. Please let me know if you have any additional questions.