Trying to convert pdf file to excel with online excel converter

I have been trying to convert pdf files in excel with its taking so much time to process. it was working fine before. so please help me i have created rest of my process according to that

sorry its

Hi @Rimsha_Mahmood,

Since it can convert PDF files online, I assume it does not contain sensitive information.

My suggestion is the adobe application where you can get a more reliable and fast response instead of this site.

You can follow the link below.

Convert PDF to Excel online for free | Adobe Acrobat.


sure i will try with that

thank you for your help. It is actually taking the images in excelfile too that i didnt want

I guess that the best practice would be in that way when you digitize documents with OCR and extract all data. After extraction, you can write into an excel file :confused:

Just using a website does not make sense :frowning:

Additionally, you can download the EpsilonAI.PDFReader package, and use its activities.

i would want to read the data from same pdf repeatedly using a loop so is it possible with epsilon

Hello @Rimsha_Mahmood ,

If youa re getting some data from the pdf, you can add that to a datatable and insert into excel using write datatable to excel activity.

So all the data will get added to datatable and with single call of excel activity you can write all the needed data to the excel.

Usually that should be way following is you are using an RPA tool for automation, instead of using the online converters.

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