Trying to Confirm a Form was filled out properly

I am trying to scrape the attached form and simply confirm or deny that it was signed and dated. I have a lot of flexibility so I can scrape info and drop it into excel and engineer a formula that confirms or denies it being signed and dated, whatever works.

The form is attached, I am trying to scrape out whatever is in fields 9, 12, and 13.
All I need to know is if the fields are empty or not. I have the current code but it throws an exception for the convert to text using OCR section and I am hoping for some help on that.

Also I am unsure if my scrapes are any good, they may be too broad.

Any help is deeply appreciated especially with the OCR part.

examplepdf.pdf (372.4 KB)


Hi @Thomas_Marzol

I have checked your file where read pdfwith ocr in text property you have passed the arrTxtlist which is a string array please pass the variable strtrial and run

Its working fine

Ashwin S

Hey Ashwin S,

Thank you very much. It’s working. Since I have you. I am wondering if you can help me with 1 more challenge. This form is buried in a pdf with lots of other garbage, in an ideal world, the bot finds this specific page and then executes the scrape. At the bottom left, you’ll see that it says “Company Form 123” I think this would be the easiest item to find and then execute off of. Do you know how I would do this?

Thanks so much.