Trying to click a menu item on a popup menu that only shows on Hover


So I need to click this menu item where the menu only shows on Hover over the parent menu. I have a Hover activity and indicated the parent (Invoices) menu. However, I could not indicate the target menu item at all because it doesn’t show until I have done the following:

  1. Click ‘Indicate on screen’
  2. Press F2 to pause target selection
  3. Hover the cursor over the parent menu

At this point the target menu shows up which is good, but as soon as the F2 - Pause is over the Studio resumes target selection the target menu disappears so I just can’t click it to indicate it.

Does anyone have any tips how I can work around this issue?

Thanks and regards


Try right clicking on it and inspect the element and construct the selector

Mostly it looks like this

<webctrl tag=‘menuitem’ innertext=‘Search for Invoice’ />

Check the tag once you inspect


Thank you for your suggestion. I had a look using inspect, as you suggested, and turns out it is a hyperlink. So I just end up using “Navigate To” now.

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Good enough…so if you use selector in the above your tag would mostly be A


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Hello @benduong86

You can try recording the actions using App/Web recorder in this kind of situations.


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