Trying to automate picking a particular holiday on a website


quite new to automation (but getting more familiar with it) and I am now moving on to a little bit more advanced stuff. I would like to automate picking a holiday by a name, rather than “clicking” a particular product. I am not sure where I would start with this and if anyone could offer some guidance then im happy to research further. But im not sure how to start it.

Posting a pic of the page you are trying to automate might help others to understand the problem.

Lol. That would help.

I would like to do something so that f the first one isnt available then it will move to the second one. At the moment, im using the click method, so if the first one isnt there for any reason, it wont select anything else. I wasnt sure if there was a way I could get it to check for the first one by name and then if not there, find the second one (not sure if ive explained it too well. lol)

refering to your screenshot from above, do you mean?:

  • looking for TUI BLue Suite
  • first entry is not TUI Blue Suite, then check next one
  • and so on

here datascraping could help, especially not all search result are loaded and the page has a load more mechanism.

For scrolling / loading more results have a look here:

Peter, Thank you so much for your help :slight_smile: I will investigate that tonight :slight_smile: