Trying to automate EndNote X9 desktop application using UiPath Studio


I am trying to automate the process of exporting the library, group, group-set data in the EndNote X9 (it’s a desktop application windows OS), for this i need to do is on the left panel Labelled “My Library” (Screen-shot attached) I need to select the options from which group or group-set i want to export the data and also want to get the name of the selected group or group-set. As of now i am not able to do it with UiPath and it one of the major requirement for the process which i am trying to automate. I am using App/Web Recorder feature of UiPath to build the flow.

I am using UiPath Studio 2020.10.9 Enterprise License.

If someone had the similar experience or could help how i can achieve this would appreciate it.


please mention that.

till now what you have done? and where you’re getting the error.

i hope you have used open Application activity to open the particular application then use attach window that robot will stay in connect with the particular application.
and you can use normal activities like click and so on…

if you have lot of processes you can use recording.


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Using App/Web Recorder feature of UiPath i have tried if i can select the options from the “My Library” section, but it is not happening. Hence asking for help if there is any other way i could achieve this in UiPath.