Trying to Access SAP thorough RDP, can't use Type into activity as whole window gets selected

Hi, I’m trying to login into SAP application thorough RDP, cannot use Type Into Activity to enter Username and Password for SAP application. As, Selector selects the whole window not the Username text window. I don’t have Administrative rights on RDP connection, can’t make any changes or configure. any advise would be appreciated.

have a look here and ensure the described configuration steps were done at your end

Thanks for your reply. I did Step1: Setting up the Client but can’t do Step 2: Setting up the Remote Desktop Machine. As, I don’t have administrative rights for RDP & can’t install UiPathRemoteRuntime.msi file there. Any alternative solution for this please?

In such a case we didn’t shift to image based approaches like OCR or CV. We just contacted the Administrator with the question if the software can be installed for us. As it is needed for the automation process we never faced any refuse from the IT Departments

thanks for your answer.