hi i have name list , my target is search one by one update some records, now my problem is when any name not found in search ui path stop i want to skip that nt found record and go to next one

I assume you are using for each
After entering the name to search for updation, Add activity “Element exist” to confirm if result found or not and assign to Boolean Variable . then put the result(boolean Var) from element
True: continue with other steps
False: move to next name in the list

I assume you are using for each

Hi @Amila_Darshana,

Have you Tried element Exists?


Hi @Amila_Darshana

Is it an Excel file?

Yep data get from excel names search and update matter is when name not found ui path process terminate I want skip that null record continue from next record

Main_try.xaml (193.3 KB)

kindly set this