Try to pass Min formula from uipath to excel

Hi i am trying to pass Min formula from uipath to excel cell and uipath say range does not exist .
I use write cell and =MIn(‘SheetName’!D4;E4) example.
What range does not exist ?
The ‘SheetName’!D4 and E4 have Value .

Any suggestions

The range you passed is incorrect.
Try the following -


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Hi @pavlou_antwnis,

The formula should be like this =MIN(Sheet1!A54,Sheet1!B54) .

And how you are passing the formula to excel?

You need to pass the formula as…


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Thanks for answer but is not range is ‘SheetName’!D4 cell and E4 for current sheet cell
is to numbers is not a range



Thanks @KarthikByggari is not =Min(‘SheetName’!D4,‘SheetName’!E4)
but is =Min(‘SheetName’!D4;‘SheetName’!E4)

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‘;’ is in the latest versions of Excel.
But for old versions of Excel ‘,’ is used.
Glad that you found the solution.

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