Try catch with invoked workflows

Hi all,

For my current project I’m working with the robot framework and I’m using try catch to pick up my self created BusinessRuleException’s.

and it is working but I notice I get multiple error logs for the same throw.
Each invoked workflow throws the same errorlog. (almost the same)

is there a way to not get these error messages?

I have worked out a workarround for the issue but it seems a lot of work and I got the feeling it removes the use of the try…catch in the first place.

In attachment:
the example project and the (16.3 KB)

workarround (16.7 KB)

workarround as text:

  • do another try catch in the last invoke and send an out argument to the previous flow saying it is unsuccessful. then if-else to see if you continue the flow or not.

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