Try Catch recovery


I guess this was posted before also but I dint get a solution i was looking.

I have a Main xaml which invokes multiple flowcharts, where in main xaml initially i take a transaction from the queue and its gone for processing at multiple flows. In case i get a error in the flows or main xaml i need to recovery/set the transaction as failed and loop it back to get transaction item from queue. And proceed further and retry should me 3 times.

Thanks in advance

What do you mean by looping back?

There are various alternatives

  • automatic retry mechanism in case of an application exception
  • postpone transaction item

For try-catch recovery sequence you should refer to the project organization lesson.


Suppose there are 4 flows. eg.

  1. Login
  2. Collect data
  3. Process
  4. Send Mail & if there are item loop back to 2

I have built it that way, now suppose i have try catch for 3 workflow and it encounters an error it has to mark that item as exception and loop back to get next item and start the flow again.

You got what I am trying to say ?

Yes, check the project organization lesson.

For any issue at 3 you need to have a recovery sequence to go back to 2
It can be:

  • simply go back to 2 (if possible)
  • close all apps, restart and do login again

Thanks Badita !! Appreciate your response.

Another question is there an activity where I can connect multiple flows to one like an anchor ?

Example : I have 6 try catch in main flow, now I put decision for each flow and checking whether error occurred or not. If error has occurred go to 1 but in one activity we can connect 3 nodes and one out node.

So if there is an anchor we can connect all decision to one anchor and proceed to 1.

In simple words to connect multiple nodes and out as one node.