Try Catch: Object reference not set to an instance of an object

hello uipath family i try to try catch activity i get this error in my old system its working fine but hear i get error so please help me any one

Use “Run” to run instead of “Debug”

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If he is available, please mark as resolved

noo Still same error is comming

I feel there is a problem with your Code writing,And you have already left Catch

sorry didn’t get would you please explain actually I build this in my old laptop its working fine there

If you can, you can give me a copy of DEmo and I will give it to you after I am done.

i will

Its showing like this when am try to upload the file
can you take the screen share in team viewer

Hi @Happy_STSK, can u check whther any values are null ?

which one in variable value is null?
check every variable is here i feld that

Can you use Zoom

Send to my mailbox

I hare the file You can check


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I did not receive the mail