Try catch is not getting a correct cv get text element

We have a project where the designed bot is intended to go to a application and scrape some element. We are using CV get text activity to get a single word.It placed inside the Try Catch activity with “Uipath.CV.Element notfound exception”.If the if find the word it should perform the next activity. if not it should stop there.
if its working similar in two case if word found or not its jumping to next process.
The word that need to find is “Performed” if it shows “Pending” it need it stop.


Are you using this CV Get Text inside CV Screen Scope activity or not ?

Yes, CV get text activity is inside the cv screen scope

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HI @thallapalli_sowjanya

Why don’t you try element exists activity to check whether the element you are looking for is available in the screen? This activity returns a boolean true or false depending on whether its available or not and you can separate the workflow based on the output using a IF condition for example…


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