Try Catch (help)

Hi to All,
i need to learn how to use this command, which i still can’t use.
I think it can help me in reducing errors on the flow.

Given that it is an operation to be integrated into a bot already created and that 80% works well, but when it crashes, it could create problems.

I explain what I have to do:
in my flow, in the end, I have to perform some dispositive operations.
Very simple, but random they fail.
I wish I could integrate operations to check that they have been performed well.

in my flow, I have to click on each cell of a grid like this in example, and either enter values, or modify elements.

In the Coupa Timesheet column, I have to enter a number. (previously collected).
In the Elaborated Gov column, on the other hand, I have to set the value to “true” from a selection menu.
In data Bot, I have to select a date from calendar. (today).

These operations are already performed by the bot.
I would like to add an operation, which checks that they have been performed well.

For example, sometimes the bot does not fail, but thinks it has filled in the “Coupa Timesheet” cell, but the cell remains blank.

Ditto on the Dates column.

In the select column, sometimes he thinks he has selected the “true”, but in the column I still find the “false”.

After modifying the data, I would like to check that it is the data that I expect is in it.

I entered my flow.
Can anyone help me in the steps? :slight_smile: :smiley:


TryCatch-test.xaml (63,4 KB)

Hi @AaronMark

U can put a if Condition for validation

May I know do u need to throw error when values are not updated or modified or entered?

oh thanks Nived…
I had thought about it, but I wanted to avoid further branching out my flow which is already very complex.
… and then, I’d like to learn how to use this command. :slight_smile:
If you know how to use it, I accept some good advice.