Try catch for error handling isn't working on the 2023 beta version

It appears the 2023 version is a lot different from that of the tutorials, i am having isues on configuring the for each activity properties. I also noticed the course solution downloaded from the website stop at the exact same place as the one i created after follwing the tweak directive. I suspect there’s something wrong with the UiPath Studio 2023.6.1 beta version, pls help look into this

Hey @Edidiong_Williams , the updated version FOR EACH activity has intellisense so the properties which it had in oolder version activities is configured automatically in the new one!

Can you send xaml to us so that we can check and see where the error lies

@Edidiong_Williams Same query I noticed early morning where Try catch was not detecting exception.
Create a new project and test. Might possible your project corructed.

Hi @Edidiong_Williams

Refer the below thread

Hope it helps!! (15.7 KB)Myattached xaml

thanks in anticipation


please my teacher, what could be the possible reasons why my project got corrupted so I guard against it cos this problem has persisted for the longest time and it has been a delaying factor in my progress. In fact, it has been the reason I am 10 months behind my projected progression.

Thanks in anticipation.

Edidiong Williams