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I am creating application for input data to a portal, and sometime the portal does not response and the browser get back error “Can’t reach this page”. Is there a way to catch this error ? Seems that the Open Browser Activity has completed without any error. Or I have to add another activity (eg. Find Element activity) to check if a specific element is found from the page, if it is successfully loaded ?



Why don’t you find element which is exist in success page and if it does not find in some duration, it will be defined as error screen transition.


Try Block: use Element Exists activity and indicate any element on success page. It will give boolean value output. If it is true then continue your process as it as else throw exception then it will go to catch block.

**Catch Block: ** here, kill the browser and again relaunch it and do the steps again.


Understood, and thanks for the detail explanation.


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