Try Catch and Debug mode

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I have a sequence which i have been working on now for a while (thanks to all who have answered my questions thus far)
Couple of questions

  1. Does the start-job work differently when in debug mode versus non debug mode? Or os there anything i should be aware of when running in debug mode? i.e. will some things just not work or is it the same as just running a regular activity - the reason is this - see below URL - it states not to run in debug mode? is this a limitation of debug mode?

  2. with try catch - does the activity have to fail or could a time out waiting for an image also mean the catch is invoked?

I hope that makes sense?


Hello @philwaller

There are few differences between debug and Run.

  1. If you are checking some performance related calculation(profile execution) its suggested to run the file and not debug.
  2. Debug provides few debug options to find out the bugs in the automation during development
  3. In debug mode if you are executing, it will pose at that errored stage and you can either retry,stop or continue
  4. AS in prod we are Running the file and not debugging, its suggested to Run the file once development is completed.

With Try catch it can throw an error when the Exception declared in the catch section is not the exact error. Suppose if you are getting file not found exception and in catch you declared null pointer exception, it will fail.


Many thanks

Very much appreciated !

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