Troubleshooting When Document Definition(Fcdot) File Is Not Being Classified With Similar Documents

How to troubleshoot when Document definition(Fcdot) file is not being classified with similar documents?

Marking all the Elements as Required is not an optimal recommendation. It is recommended marking the elements as Optional elements and use "Required", only if the elements must always be present on the images.

Objects described by required elements must always be present on the images and the program must find then when matching the FlexiLayout with images. If the object is not detected, FlexiLayout Studio stops matching the FlexiLayout.

Use required elements to find identifier objects. An identifier object prevents matching the FlexiLayout with a document that belongs to a different type not described by the current FlexiLayout. Also, use required elements to describe objects whose absence means that any further search would be useless. In all other cases, use optional elements to describe image objects.

Objects described by such elements need not be present on the image or the program may not detect them when matching the FlexiLayout. The matching will still continue and the program will detect the objects described by other elements.

By default, all simple elements are optional. Thus, elements may be used to identify a document (required elements), to detect blocks (required and optional elements), and to discard incorrect hypotheses (prohibited elements).