Troubleshooting: Unattended Robot Runtime and Configuration Issues

Dear UiPath Forum,

I am writing to seek assistance regarding an issue I am facing while trying to start a robot in my Orchestrator. I am using the Enterprise Trial version, and when attempting to run the robot, I encountered the message “0 Runtimes Available, 0 Connected” under the “Runtime Type” section. I want to emphasize that I have already assigned licenses to the user, and the machine configuration appears to be correct.

Furthermore, when I try to run this robot in unattended mode, it remains in a perpetual “Pending…” state, and the execution never initiates. Could you kindly provide me with a step-by-step guide to troubleshoot this problem? I would greatly appreciate knowing the necessary actions to resolve this situation.

My objective in implementing this robot is to delete certain files from a folder named “FCZBI.” Subsequently, the robot should open a Google page, log in using provided credentials, access a specific section, click on tables, and then search for the desired table names to export them. This process involves approximately six different tables. After downloading the tables, I wish for the robot to move the exported data to the “FCZBI” folder. Additionally, I aim to configure the robot to run autonomously every 3 hours without human intervention.

An important concern is the ability to use my computer while the robot is running, without disrupting its operation. I wonder if the picture-in-picture mode would be a viable solution to address this need. Please provide me with guidance on how to set up the robot as described above.

I sincerely appreciate your invaluable assistance.

Best regards,

José Martins (D4B)


  1. Go to or hestrator admin…and then go to licenses for page and click on edit allocation and add one license to your tenant

And then go to machines in tenants pge on orchestrator and edit the machien and then add the license there and then provide credentials to the machine as well

And make sure you assign robot role to user


I’ve already did it, but still not working.