Troubleshooting Guide: Could not find a certificate with subject ****

How to resolve unable to find certificate with subject ****?

Troubleshooting steps

1. Verify the Certificate on the server where it is being installed. 
Navigate to IIS -> Server Certificate -> Select The Certificate Details (Issuer Name)
Copy the name and provide during Installation. 

From the screenshot, which has been shared, it seems the certificate is missing or not created. 

2. Verify the certificate you are using for binding. it is suggested to create  a self signed SSL certificate and bind for now. 
Later, change the binding with another certificate if required. Please refer the link to install a certificate:

3. Ensure URL Rewrite is installed

  • URL Rewrite - Please download and install URL Rewrite by accessing the following link.

Additional Information : 

The certificate needs to be installed to both local system and current user in the below certificate locations-
'Trusted Root Certification Authorities directory'. 

To see what certificates are installed, use the below