Troubleshooting Get List Info Activity

Hi All,

I would really appreciate some help figuring out the format the SharePoint url is supposed to be in. I’ve tried using the url where the list is located, also tried splitting the url. So far every url I’ve tried gives me the same error saying itemNotFound. Any help is appreciated



For now, can you try ForEachList activty instead of GetListInfo, then check whether it can get the target List?


Hi Yoichi,

Since my post I’ve successfully pulled the data and I am now using a dictionary to extract the data in a readable way. Can you explain the syntax “function(x) x.Name” or elaborate on the syntax in the image you used “ListItem.Fields.toDic…”

Thanks for the help.

Statement is about LINQ

ListItem.Fields.ToDictionary(Function(x) x.Name, Function(x) x.Value)

sends the Fields to the LINQ processing
Transforms it to a Dictionary
Function(x) x.Name
the Lambda function - for taking the dictionary entry Key info
Function(x) x.Value
the Lambda function - for taking the dictionary entry Value info

Hi Peter,

Thanks! I appreciate your help. I’ll look into this