Troubleshooting - Error Performing OCR: AbbyyErrorLoadEngine

How to troubleshoot "Error performing OCR: AbbyyErrorLoadEngine"

This is a very generic error which can come for any of the following reason

  1. The license has been expired or the maximum number of allowed number of scans has been reached
    • If this is the case, reach out to Sales operations for extension of license key
    • License details can be checked in licensemanager.exe in FCE installation folder
  1. License key used in not purchased from UiPath
    • Only UiPath is the Reseller of the product compatible to run with robots
    • Contact sales for further help on this
  1. The installation is not correctly / installation is corrupted / Abbyy Engine is not installed
    • Perform re installation / installation with the steps shared by Sales Operations
  1. If the installation is successful and still see the error, Event viewer logs will have more information
  1. Additional Abbyy logs can also be found in "C:\temp" location
    • AbbyyFlexiCaptureEngine12.log
    • AbbyyMsiLog.txt ​​​​​​​