Troubleshooting Error "Cannot set unknown member ________"

Resolution for running one of old processes which worked fine a while back.

Sometimes the following error is thrown while running an old automation process.

The error "Cannot set unknown member ________" usually occurs due to version compatibility issues with the packages being leveraged.

Upgrading Studio and Robot, there would be subsequent architectural changes and as such, the processes built with some old dependencies might no longer be compatible.

In order to resolve this, follow the below steps:

  1. Remove and re-insert the affected activities:
    1. Navigate to the activity that is failing (the workflow should show up the activity with an error info graphic).
    2. Delete the activity and place it again from the activities pane. This should correct any activity related methods/properties to the correct version, thus fixing this issue.
    3. Run the workflow (from Studio and Robot) to confirm if the issue is completely resolved.
  2. Fix dependency versions:
  3. Fix missing packages:
    • Follow the steps elaborated in the article Cannot Create Unknow Type in order to fix potential issues pertaining to any missing packages.