Troubleshoot why process is not picking up selector

I’m currently testing a process which worked without issue locally but is failing to find a selector when running in the upper environment. In order to troubleshoot this issue I need to be able to see how the process is running on the QA workspace and understand why the selector cannot be found. Any suggestions

Make sure all file extensions and app names in the Titles of your selectors are replaced with wildcard *
because that has been most common reason. Another reason could be if the app or window is smaller and elements cannot be seen; in that case, you would want to make sure you use methods that don’t need the window maximized, or just maximize the windows which may or may not be ideal. Also, there might be times where you need to scroll down a page to find text or a button.

You can sometimes identify these things directly by logging in with some account on the server and compare selectors. If not, then you’ll need to take a screenshot of the display when the error occurs and hopefully see what the issue is.


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Thanks clayton let me check