Troubleshoot Whitelisting Urls

Troubleshooting steps for identifying the feeds that are whitelisted or not.

  1. Users should have proper internet access to download packages from online feeds
  2. Download the package from or manually and check whether the downloading is getting failed or not
  3. Ping the Url's mentioned below article using the "ping" command in CMD as an admin and check whether the Url's are reachable or not which should reply from the IP. Refer Services - The Robot Connects To?

  1. Identify if there is any proxy in place and check by disabling proxy or by adding proxy to uipath. config. (Take a backup of uipath.config) before updating.
  2. Troubleshooting using the Telnet command which can be enabled in Turn Windows features on/off in the control panel and check the whitelisting URLs with the associated port like below and should connect to that URL in the port.

  1. Using Tracert command in cmd which should reach the target IP like below.