Troubleshoot "Failed to install packages" During Restricted Internet Access

How to troubleshoot "Failed to install packages" when there is restricted internet access ?

When Robot is deployed in environment which has restrictive access to the Internet, it cannot access the external feeds like, etc.

Downloading Packages -, *, (port 443) It keeps waiting for the response and gets stuck during this process.

In such cases, ensure to disable online feeds, if it is not at all allowed to white-list them

1. During Installation:
The UiPath Installer needs to be run with the following parameters:
ADDLOCAL=DesktopFeature,Robot,RegisterService,StartupLauncher NUGET_OPTIONS=DisableOnlineFeeds

Note: the URL feeds are not removed from configuration files but are not considered 

2. Manual:
After a Robot has already been installed, HTTP feeds can be ignored by adding the following lines to UiPath.config:

    <add key=“skipHttpConfigurationSources” value=“true” />

Here is before and after screenshots of the UiPath.config file



This parameter helps to disable the online UiPath official and community feeds for the Robot. Thus only the Orchestrator and local feeds are taken into consideration.