Troubleshoot Error "System.InvalidOperationException: Cannot Control UiPathComputerVision Service On Computer "

How to troubleshoot the error "System.InvalidOperationException: Cannot control UiPathComputerVision service on computer "

Troubleshoot: Validate CPU supports AVX and AVX2(required)

  1. Request the Server’s CPU information
  2. Validate the CPU supports AVX, example Intel Xeon Gold Processor
  3. The customer should contact the virtual platform vendor to enable it in case it supports it given that commonly it comes disabled by default.

If the above did not work, then capture a crash dump of the process so it is possible to identify the instruction of error:

  1. Install procdump, more information is available in KB How to Generate Application Memory and Crash Dumps
  2. Run procdump.exe -ma -e -w CVService.exe
  3. Replicate the error. Dump should be written to the folder where procdump is.

If error “Multiple processes match the specified name” is thrown when capturing crash dump logs:

It looks like there are 2 or more cvserver.exe processes on the box.

Try the following action,

  1. Open the task manager details and check the PID of the cvserver.exe processes. There should be more than 1.
  2. Run the following command for each cvserver.exe. Open a separate command prompt for each proc.
  • procdump.exe -ma -e PID
  1. When the crash occurs, one of the prompts should capture a dump.

Note: AVX512 is not mandatory. It is mostly for achieving more performance when no GPU is available.