Troubleshoot Azure App Service Performance issue

How to troubleshoot Azure App Service Performance issues ?

As Orchestrator 2020.10 is using AspNetCoreModuleV2 some performances issues might appear. To further troubleshoot it some steps should be taken in consideration:

1) The Average response time for Orchestrator:

2) Checking the that report is generated through Azure Portal. The Section “Diagnose and solve problems” includes an analysis tool which can be used to analyze the performance of the app service.

3) Check the Azure Plan for App Service to make sure that has enough space and memory:

4) Check the Database has enough space:

As additional Steps to improve the performance of the app Service you can change the HTTP version from 1.1 to 2.0 and to set the following key in the App Service > Configuration (WEBSITE_LOCAL_CACHE_OPTION = always)