Trouble with Variable Scope


I am going through this tutorial Automating Complex Excel Processes and Data Table through RPA #UiP - YouTube

It is the Excel and DataTable Automation 3.3 video.

I am stuck on the area where we are trying to write the output to an excel file. Specifically when trying to change the data table variable scope to “read/write”. When i click the drop down menu, all that is available is Sequence and Do.

Any help is appreciated


It’s just name of file they created .It doesn’t have to be same what you designed .
You just need to make it global variable by changing the variable scope so you can use anywhere in the workflow (in drop down choose option comes at the last. In your case maybe sequence i believe )

I tired to try to change of scope to read/write, but still doesn’t show.
Can you explain step by step

read/write is the name of their sequence.

Yours will likely just be named the default “sequence”