Trouble with selectors in IE and formating data in Excel

Hi Everyone,
I need your help. I am having trouble with 2 things:

  1. Trouble with selecting/clicking multiple choices menu on IE. The Webpage I am using for testing is in the zipfile “IE_First_Task” on github.
    Summary - Importing and typing in data to that webform is needed, and choices from menu are stored in excel. I made a dynamic selector with that variable but somehow it does not recognize it. (“Click on text” activity recognizes the first 3 choices as they are seen on screen, but “Click” Activity is needed. Also, the same dynamic selector works in Chrome but, unfortunately, I can’t use Chrome in my TestCase)

  2. Trouble with formatting Date and typing in the result. e.g. I need to change format of date from to yyyy-mm-dd and type it in excel to new columns. Also, if the date is not in right format e.g. 110.10 (, the process needs to continue and the result should be written in the column with the same misspelled format.

  • I Have handled the formatting Date, separating year, month, day and concatenating it to needed format but when I reach intentionally misspelled date, robot stops and wont continue. (Also I couldn’t find continue on error checkbox, and tried to put it in “try - catch” activity)

I would really appreciate if you could help me with the problem. GitHub Link for ZIP file.