Trouble with List indexes in a For sequence

Hello ,
I’m still getting through the Studio Tutorial and currently doing the practice bits , as for training , it is asked to make a sequence that’ll return the min and max values of a list and thus I wanted to make it so said list is generated by inputs from a user , which will repeat as long as int(32) are entered.
I however had an issue with the index being out of range for the whole sequence , which was “solved” by adding an initial value at the start of the list , but now I want that initial value (which is not generated by the user input) to not be considered by the min/max values.
So my question is :

How do I get to start the For Each sequence on my list from the second element ? I tried using “Liste(1 , (Liste.Count)-1)” and “Liste(1 , Liste.length()-1)” but the “in” argument apparently only accepts one parameter…

Thank you in advance.


Can you try Skip method as the following?



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That worked , thank you very much !

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