Trouble with Level 3 Walkthrough 1

I am having a lot of trouble understanding Level 3 Walkthrough 1 PDF. I downloaded the github zip file with the REFramework templates, but the Walkthrough PDF is saying I am building a separate workflow? Am I supposed to edit the REFramework Templates or creating a new workflow from scratch? Also, not really understanding what to do in Orchestrator on page 1? Any help to get started is appreciated, just don’t understand the walkthrough’s PDF.

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Buddy @Mitchell_Binder
You dont need to download the REFramework from github
while creating the process you can choose your own REFramework Template and add your activities inside the workflow and make use of it …

Orchestrator helps to manage the process that we developed in studio and you can run the process either directly from uipath studio or from orchestrator and for more information about orchestrator kindly have a look at this buddy

Cheers and all the best for your practice buddy