Trouble with finding the right selector while using LinkedIn

The robot I am currently developing needs to go to LinkedIn, enter a full name + company name in the search bar, and then see if there is only one result coming up, which is usually the case. If there is only one result, the robot needs to go to that profile. So it needs to click either on the name or the profile picture in order to go to the profile of the person I am looking for. I think I tried to alter the selector already a thousand times but nothing seems to work. Everytime the selector seems to work and I look for another person, the selector is not valid anymore. Could anyone point me in the right direction?

In the example above, I changed the name of the person I looked up to “*” twice.
(Sorry for all the green, I wanted to make everyone in the print screen anonymous. )

I have a couple questions and comments about your selector,

First I assume Zoeken is the name of the company in the selector, is this always the same? if not this needs to be dynamic as well.

Second, “*” does allow for any text to be in that spot however this can also sometimes cause the selector to not be specific enough in certain cases. Since you are having the bot type in the user’s name and company anyway, you can include that information directly inside the selector through a changing variable.

For example if you are going through a for each row loop (and assuming that the name is in slot 0 and company is in slot 1) you could do something like the following

<ctrl name='&quot;{{row(0).toString}}&quot;' | {{row(1).toString}} | LinkedIn'

There might be other issues with the selector as well but these would be the first thing to try.

“Zoeken” means “to search” in dutch, so I don’t think that part needs to be dynamic.

I tried a few things with variables as you suggested but it still doesn’t work. Is there anything else I need to change in the selector?

Edit: Nevermind. I found out that the Microsoft Edge extension was installed yet disabled. :zipper_mouth_face:

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