Trouble using UPDATE query

Bot is unable to process the below query

“Update [Excluding Engagements$] set [New Engagement Partner] = b.[New Eng Partner Name] from [Excluding Engagements$] as a JOIN [CodeNameMapping$] as b on a.[Engagement]=b.[Engagement]”

I need to apply vlook between two sheets in a workbook.

Please check your database string. I think there is some mistake we cannot use $ in query.

Hi @Sucheta_Gupta,

Can you replace all alias such as a, b to sheet name?

For example,

“Update [Excluding Engagements$] set [New Engagement Partner] = [CodeNameMapping$].[New Eng Partner Name] from [Excluding Engagements$] JOIN [CodeNameMapping$] on [Excluding Engagements$].[Engagement] = [CodeNameMapping$].[Engagement]”

What is the need to replace all alias a,b to sheet name.

Hi @ig250097,

Just using sheet name instead of using a,b as Alias in connection string.