Trouble using OAUTH2 in http request to Coupa using Studio

Hi, I have a robot that connects to Coupa and needs to transition to oauth2.
Using studio I have been able to use the “http request” activity, parameters to pass the client and bearer token.
Why do I need to do that instead of using “http request” activity, oauth2 box, what is that for?

Hello @rkohman, :smiley:

OAuth2 is a protocol that allows users to have limited access to resources on a website without having to expose their credentials. OAuth2 has to be selected if the API you are using requests to uses an OAuth2 protocol (this information will be in Coupa’s API documentation). If chosen, the Access Token field is displayed. This access token is usually generated as a response to another HTTP request to the indicated API.

:point_right: Read more here: HTTP Request


Bruna Bruno.

Ok, I am able to get the bearer token from Coupa, do I then just pass the token to a variable/argument to use it in the workflow? I am unable to save it as an asset credential. I have no username to pair with the token.

This is a use case I’m going to explore and share in the coming days. The connector builder was released recently in preview, this should give you the capability to authenticate and easily leverage OAuth2 based apis.

Building your custom connector (

I don’t believe we have cloud access we are on prem. I did see this feature at Forward 5 but I don’t think we are licensed for that.