Trouble passing config.xlsx settings and assets

When I tried creating a simple workflow to pass user credentials to acmetest, I was able to use the Get credentials activity when I tried to pass an asset name through Orchestrator.
However, for the config file that we are supposed to be using for the acme test assignment, I am finding it hard to understand what updates need to be made to the in and out arguments so that the “System1_URL” can be read from the config file as well as how can the asset “AcmeTest” defined in Orchestrator be read from the Assets tab of the Config.xlsx file.


Hope you mentioned Asset name in config file.

AcmeTest AcmeTest

Now in Get Credentials activity, pass asset name like this:


Where In_Config is variable of type dictionary.

I was able to get the login credentials to be read using GetCredentials however, I am not seeing where the InitAllSettings file is being invoked. I want System1_URL to be read from the Config.xlsx file. The walkthrough doesn’t mention about invoking the InitAllSettings file. So, I don’t see how out_Config gets created and how does this dictionary get read by the system1 login workflow. Please advise.


You can find InitAllSettings xaml file in Init state. Please check it once.

I am trying to finish the login workflow which requires reading the “System1_URL” variable defined in the Settings tab of the Config.xlsx file. The login workflow does not invoke the InitAllSettings.xaml file, then how do the config variables get read into In_Config?


InitAllSettings workflow should be before login workflow. And you can find this after Kill All process workflow. Could you please show me screenshot of your Init state and will tell where it’s exactly.

@lakshman Sure, here you go. I haven’t changed anything in the Init state… Here’s a screenshot.


Go to that sequence If first run - read Config file and you will find it there.

Appreciate it, however, I need to understand how I can read the variables from the “In_Config” dictionary from the login workflow. InitAllSettings is not a part of this workflow and how does In_config get the values from out_config? Screenshot below.

Can someone provide guidance on how to get the login workflow to work separately so that it reads the config file and picks up the url info? Thanks.

I decided to use only the Assets tab and created an asset for the URL and another for the credentials. Did not use the Settings tab. Worked!

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