Trouble getting data from acrobat dc

Hi there!

I’m new and only learning. I’m having trouble with my workflow. I’ve created a sequence to save pdf files from my email in a folder, to then open and extract necessary data into an excel doc. However once it’s selected “tagged reading order” on acrobat, it then times out and I can’t figure out what’s going wrong. Can you please help?


Hi @Joshua_Meninga,
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Please show us at which step error occurs. Have you tried do do debugging?

Process times out when looking to extract first piece of data off the pdf document on Acrobat Reader. Open pdf, hotkey set up for reading tool “tagged reading order” then nothing happens. Could I send you my saved file perhaps?

Debugging says compiler error/s encountered processing expression. PdfFiles, ProcessedPath, InvoiceDT not declared. All situated in my PdfDataExtraction sequence.

Please check out this documentation:

There are examples which might help you with PDF data extraction.